Distant Adoption

Give one of our cats a chance in life! You can adopt a cat or you can adopt at a distance. Click the buttons for more info about a cat or for adoption at a distance.

Adopting at a distance is one way to make donations in support of our work and help the cats in our care. It is particularly gratifying for the adopter to receive frequent updates on cats that have been adopted at a distance as it allows for a more personal and often more durable contact between Torre Argentina and its benefactors.

It is very important to understand that the cat adopted at a distance is not the only one to benefit from the adopter’s generosity.
An adoption at a distance is a symbolic gesture: all of our cats need shelter, food and care. It makes no difference whether their stay with us is brief or extensive or if they become resident boarders; it is share and share alike. Donations are used for those that have been adopted at a distance as well as those who have not.

Which cats are put up for an adoption at a distance?

Not all cats are candidates for an adoption at a distance. In order to make the program work we need more than one sponsor per cat since both cats and sponsors may come and go but funds cannot be missed!
This may disappoint those who would like to be the sole sponsor of a cat, but we need and rely upon external support for all of the cats we rescue.
Since we are here to help the cats, we ought to look at adoption at a distance from a cat’s point of view; each and every sponsor is crucial for the safety and survival of the cats.

We have an average total of about 150 cats in the shelter but, for practical administrative purposes, only those who will most likely not be homed are eligible for an adoption at a distance. The cats that are feral and shy or obsessive markers of territory or those with a chronic health condition requiring much care and of course those that are disabled belong to this category. It is very probable that these cats will spend the rest of their lives in the shelter. Although they will not have a home and a human family, they can be given the next best thing: adoption at a distance by a generous person, thus allowing for quality care and affection given by volunteers at the shelter.

With regards to the free cats, those who do not venture too far from the main room are eligible for adoption at a distance. Those sponsors who come for a visit should be able to find their cats and spend some time with them.

Which cats are unsuitable?

We cannot rely on feral cats that have found refuge in the Area Sacra to show up for visitors or photo sessions and it is difficult to give reliable updates regarding their activities. These cats are therefore excluded from active participation in the program but not from the benefits! Actually, these cats have the best of both worlds: they keep their independence but are safe, fed and cared for.

Kittens and healthy, cute, or affectionate cats generally soon find homes. They are usually only with us for a short time and are not suitable candidates for the program.

Unfortunately, we also sometimes exclude cats that we fear will not be with us for long because of ill health. Many a compassionate person’s heart goes out to these cats but we prefer not to be the bearer of sad news more often than need be. Rest assured, though, that we do all we can to make these cats comfortable and if one of them proves to have one of its nine lives left, we are the first to rejoice. Thanks to the Adoption at a Distance program, we can also give these more vulnerable and fragile creatures the best of care as long as they need it.

Although we think certain cats will not find a home, we are glad to say that we are often proved wrong, miracles happen! Blind cats and disabled cats and lately even FIV positive cats often find a home!

General information and donations

If you wish to adopt a cat at a distance you do not need to fill out a form, just get in touch by mail to inform us which cat you wish to adopt. You can either choose one from the website, ask for a specific cat you remember from your visit to the shelter or have us choose one for you.

An adoption at a distance makes a donation a bit more "personal" in the sense that we will keep in touch with you. Every time you make a donation, we acknowledge your donation and we give you the latest news on your cat but also TA news in general.

A donation for an adoption at a distance is 15 Euro per month. This donation can be made on a monthly basis, every two months, every six months or for a whole year. Upon receipt of your first donation, preferably a commitment for three months for a total of 45 Euro, we will send a paper copy picture of your cat to your home address. After this initial donation, you are welcome to donate at any interval convenient for you and each donation will be acknowledged and thanked for.

Sponsors who donate for an adoption of 6 months or more receive an update every three months.
All sponsors receive a new picture every six months if support is continued.
You are welcome to send a mail and ask about your cat at any time. We will gladly give you a quick update.

We will inform you if anything changes in your cat's status, generally an adoption, or if the cat goes over the Rainbow Bridge. It is, of course, up to you to decide whether to continue your support at such a time. Please note that if a donation is still valid at that moment, a new protégé will be proposed to you. If you accept this protégé, it will “inherit” what remains of the donation, you are not expected to make a new donation until the previous one runs out.