Adopt a cat

The adoption of one cat saves the life of another!

If you are looking for a cat please consider adopting one of ours. All our cats would love to find a home. Come to our shelter, meet us and choose your future feline companion. You will be assisted by one of the TA staff familiar with the character of cats up for adoption; together you will be able to find the perfect match. However, do not expect you can take cat home immediately!

Adopters are screened

We screen prospective adopters to make sure our cats are adopted in the right home for the right reasons. Many of our cats are in the shelter because they have been abandoned, so we want to be certain that will not happen again. When they are adopted we want it to be by a loving family for the rest of their lives, that is why we insist on meeting prospective adopters.We ask to fill out a questionnaire and upon examination of the feedback, we will approve or not within a couple of days  and notify the prospective adopter.  

 Cost of an adoption

All our cats are vaccinated, de-wormed, spayed/ neutered, tested for FIV and FeLV, ready to take home once the request for adoption has been approved. We ask that the costs for vaccines, de-worming, sterilization  and testing for FIV and FeLV be reimbursed: an adopter in Italy can expect to pay 85 Euro for an adoption. 

Adoptions abroad

For an adoption abroad, there is an additional cost for a rabies shot, microchip and passport and will be 160 Euro. Some countries may require a period of quarantine and any adoption abroad requires paper work that can take about 10 days. Although we sometimes have friends traveling abroad who can help those who cannot stay in Italy for 10 days, unfortunately it is not something we always count on. We always look forward to visitors who offer welcoming arms to our cats, and so do many of our cats, even more!